Other Special Features of Binoculars

You may come across some binoculars with that are built with novel features to help improve or guide your image viewing. Here, we'll touch on some of the terms that you may encounter in the binoculars field.

Image Stabilizer

Image Stabilizer, or commonly referred to as stabi, is a mechanical design in binoculars that helps to counter off natural vibrations from hand or wind movements. This image stabilizer features gyroscopes and liquid-filled prisms to automatically correct shaking images resulted from unsteady handling. This feature is especially useful when you have a high magnification binoculars. In most cases, viewing in high magnification will result in unsteady handling and uncomfortable viewing due to involuntary hand movements. Apart from that, you will find that the image stabilizer comes in pretty handy in boating situations, especially when the condition gets a little bit rough.

Image Stabilizer Binoculars Applications:

  • Boating
  • Long-term Observations

  • Examples of Image Stabilization Features:-

    Focus: Individual vs Center

    Individual focus binoculars offer separate focusing for individual eyepieces. This feature is particularly convenient for those who have individual, differing eyesight, allowing them to adjust accordingly in order to obtain the best possible image clarity. On the other hand, a center focus binoculars allow for both eyepieces to be adjusted simultaneously. This feature can be very handy at times especially in situations that require fast and swift focus adjustments.

    Individual Focus Binoculars Applications Center Focus Binoculars Applications
  • Boating
  • Hunting
  • Surveillance
  • Birding
  • Astronomy
  • General Wildlife Observation

  • Examples of Center Focus Binoculars:-

    Examples of Individual Focus Binoculars:-


    Binoculars that are water resistant have tight seals and sturdy exterior coatings that are built to withstand precipitation, dew and incidental splashes and spills. These water-resistant binoculars should suffice for most usage applications. As for waterproof binoculars, these binos allow you to use them while full submerged in water (usually up to 5m deep). These binoculars are good for boating/marine use, especially when you decide to go in the water to have a full view underwater. Another thing to take note is that waterproof and water resistant binoculars are not created the same way. Do consider the main applications of your binocular and decide beforehand whether if a water-resistant binoculars would serve the usage purpose in the particular situation.

    Water-Resistant/Waterproof Binoculars Applications:
  • Marine
  • Boating

  • Examples of Marine Binoculars:-

    Zoom Binoculars

    A zoom binoculars (aka. Variable Zoom Binoculars) allows you to make adjustments to the magnification range in your viewing. Do bear in mind that the objective lens keeps its size and does not change. This means that as the magnification increases, you decrease the diameter of the exit pupil which results in a dimmer (darker) image.

    Note: if most of your viewing requires low magnification, but you want the option for occasional upclose viewing, zoom binoculars are a practical choice. However if you find yourself requiring high levels of magnification, consider a high powered binoculars for comfortable viewing.

    Zoom Binoculars Applications:
  • General Observation
  • Distant Viewing
  • Hunting

  • Zoom Binoculars

    Choosing the right binoculars for the right purpose

    Choosing the Right Binoculars For the Right Purpose